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Caduceus content scored in the 95th percentile of Quality Matters approved online content. We strive to provide the highest quality content for our affiliated institutions and future health professionals.

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Our content can be reviewed 24/7 and is available online, on campus or in a hybrid setting. Content is accessible via mobile devices, tablets and traditional computers.

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Service is available online or through our toll-free support line, 1-866-280-2900. Service is always provided by a dedicated member of Caduceus support staff, not an automated directory.

About us

Started in 2003 by former University of Florida Health Science Professor Seigfred Fagerberg, Caduceus International Publishing has grown into an innovative company serving more than a hundred academic institutions and thousands of students annually. Each year Caduceus has expanded its client base, delivering premium interactive health science content with a personal touch.
We specialize in interactive and web-based health science curriculum and content and set a strong foundation for future health professionals. All our online health science courses are authored by leading educators. Our Human Nutrition and online Medical Terminology courses are widely implemented by Universities and Medical schools all across the United States and score in the 95th percentile by Quality Matters(TM).
We know it's not easy to setup, support and manage online exam proctoring. That's why the we offer the Caduceus Proctoring service. We take the burden off of faculty so they can focus on teaching.
We alter our schedules to meet your needs. Service is available online or through our toll-free support line, 1-866-280-2900. Service is always provided by a dedicated member of Caduceus support staff, not an automated directory.

Our Courses

  • online medical terminology course

    Medical Terminology

    A comprehensive web-based interactive Medical Terminology course reinforced with more than 4,000 medical images, accompanying HTML 5 lectures, review materials and customizable testing. This course introduces students to the language of medicine and the topics of anatomy, physiology, pathology and medical equipment.
  • online survey human disease course

    Survey of Human Disease

    This course is designed to provide the structural and functional characteristics of common and important diseases, as well as the principles of diagnosis and treatment. By understanding the anatomic and physiologic change of each disease, students understand the clinical methods of diagnosis, the manifestations of disease, and the appropriate method of treatment.
  • online human nutrition course

    Personal & Community Health

    This course is designed to assist students in identifying essential behaviors for optimal well-being. Students are presented with evidence-based strategies for improving and maintaining good health. In this course, health is approached from a holistic perspective.
  • online human nutrition course

    Human Nutrition

    A detailed introduction to human nutrition with a consumer-oriented approach. The HTML5 lectures, review materials and customizable testing give a complete overview of essential nutrition information. This online Human Nutrition course presents current standards in nutrition with a personalized approach.

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Caduceus International Publishing provides top-quality interactive health science curriculum to colleges, universities and institutions wherever they are needed.

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