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Caduceus International Publishing Inc. designs and markets innovative e-textbook course materials to universities, professional schools, and health science centers worldwide. Our award-winning, cost-effective materials are used to maximize comprehension and long-term retention, improve language skills, and increase communication efficiencies between professionals. All these efforts combined lead to improved health outcomes.

Ease of Access

Students are able to learn health science content at their own pace, while instructors can easily monitor progress with intuitive, real-time tracking tools. Courses can be offered on campus, exclusively online or in a hybrid format.

Advanced Customization

Modify course content to suit the needs of your students. We give you the tools to efficiently reach targeted student populations.

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Dr. Seigfred Fagerberg

After 35 years of teaching,
authoring 15 books and
publishing 30 scholarly articles, Dr. Seigfred Fagerberg
co-founded CIP in 2003.

We understand the needs of educators. We were founded by educators and we’ve spent close to two decades customizing curriculum solutions to meet their needs.

During that time, we’ve worked directly with our customers to create an offering that is comprehensive enough to give teachers the tools they need, yet unobtrusive enough to not get in the way.

Our latest version is the culmination of that effort. A new, fresh, and modern user interface makes it easy for students to complete their coursework with minimal distraction. The Teacher’s Dashboard is built for educators and gives teachers and their assistants a comprehensive yet flexible experience for monitoring and engaging with students

At Caduceus, we care deeply about providing high-quality health science courses. Which is why we're proud to say that our content has earned the Quality Matters (QM) seal of approval.

QM is the leader in quality assurance protocol for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach to continuous improvement in online education and student learning.

The program features faculty-centered, continuous improvement models for assuring the quality of online courses through peer review, and rubrics for applying quality standards to course design.

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