About Us

About Us

Caduceus International Publishing Inc. designs and markets innovative e-textbook course materials to universities, professional schools, and health science centers worldwide. Our award winning, cost-effective materials are used to:

Maximize comprehension and long-term retention.
Improve language skills.
Increase communication efficiencies between professionals.

All of this leads to improved health outcomes. We deliver customized meaningful content empowering learning for future health professionals!

We also offer the Caduceus Proctoring service, a complete solution for online exam proctoring.

What Makes Us Different

Advanced Customization

Strategically modify course content to suit the needs of your students. We give you the tools to efficiently reach targeted student populations.

Ease of Access

Students are able to learn health science content at their own pace, while instructors can easily monitor progress with intuitive real-time tracking tools. Courses can be offered on campus, exclusively online or in a hybrid format.

Health Science Focus

We specialize in health science content and set a strong foundation for future health professionals. Our content is held to the most stringent quality standards.

We Are Dedicated to Your Needs!

Our support team is on-call for you and your students.

Caduceus has the absolute highest level of comprehensive support and customer service in the industry. We alter our schedules to meet your needs. Service is available online or through our toll-free support line, 1-866-280-2900. Service is always provided by a dedicated member of Caduceus support staff, not an automated directory.

“The team at Caduceus has been phenomenal in their support and response times. Whether it is students in need of technical help, or instructors looking for specific information, someone is always quick to respond to our needs.”

– Kim O’Connell-Brock, Instructor, New Mexico State University