Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology Online Course

A&P Evolved for Modern Students & Teachers

This course is designed to provide students with the anatomy and physiology foundation they need to pursue degrees in medicine, athletic training, nursing and more. It’s the A&P core curriculum reimagined by experts in education, designed to promote student success and reduce attrition.

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Meet the Course Designer

Dr. Shannon Cox-Kelley has an EdD in Higher Education and a Master’s Degree in Biology from Texas A&M University. She has helped modernize curriculum at multiple institutions of higher learning. Dr. Cox-Kelley is the Department Chair and an Assistant Professor of Biology at East Texas Baptist University, the Dean of Allied Health at Northeast Texas Community College, and adjunct faculty at multiple colleges and universities.

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Designed to Promote Student Success.

This course was designed in partnership with Dr. Shannon Cox-Kelley, EdD, an education expert with a proven track record of success in multiple education institutions. Dr. Cox-Kelley’s methods reduced student attrition in A&P from 38% to 13% at one institution.

Multimedia Materials Help Students Learn.

This course reaches a variety of learning styles through multimedia assets, including recorded lectures, digital flashcards, and interactive diagrams.

Easy Implementation for Teachers and Students.

The course is available on laptops, desktops, tablets, even mobile phones. Students can learn at their own pace, while instructors can monitor and assess with real-time tracking tools.

Course Content

This course teaches the structures and systems of the human body, from the cellular level up. Students will be able to define anatomy and physiology, explain the relationship between structure and function, and learn the specialized vocabulary to discuss all of the above.

Anatomical vocabulary
Positional vocabulary
Tissue types and construction
Integumentary system
Skeletal system
Nervous system
And more…

Multi-media lectures

Lectures are designed by Dr. Shannon Cox-Kelley. They are augmented with professional voice-over, and illustrated with high-quality images and animation.

Interactive flashcards

Students can review vocabulary with hundreds of illustrated cards. These flashcards are mobile-compatible, and also printable for hands-on learning.


Chapter and cumulative reviews help students test comprehension and retention in preparation for exams and real-world applications.

Timed exams

Configurable and flexible timed exams make testing a trouble-free process for instructors and students. To help ensure exam integrity, we offer the Caduceus Proctoring service.