CIP Author Application | Submit Course Proposal:

Author Application Guidelines

It is recommended that your proposal answer the following questions:

 Do you already have content developed? If so, how much?
 What is the level (101, 201, graduate) of your course?
 How many credit hours is your course?
 Will you use any supplemental materials in your course?
 Do you feel there is a market for your project other than the domestic college market? If so, please explain.
 What will make your course unique and beneficial to students?
 Do you plan to use a specific teaching strategy or pedagogical framework? If so, how will you implement this?
 In what timeframe can you envision the course being completed?
 Can you effectively communicate via email and phone?
 Can you meet deadlines?

If you have trouble submitting your application, please contact us at or 352-363-6504.