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Are you ready to publish your content to hundreds of existing CIP customer institutions and thousands more potential customers across the country? If you have quality content that will benefit future health professionals, we want to hear from you!

Dedicated CIP staff will work with you to edit, package and publish your content on the CIP platform, often making it available to customers in just a few months! We will guide you through the entire process and, together with you, develop an online course that will soon benefit thousands of students.

CIP authors earn a recurring income stream that can, in many cases, be very substantial! Please submit a proposal today (or contact us) to see if there’s a fit for your quality curriculum on our platform.

Getting Started

If you would like to explore publishing your curriculum with CIP, we invite you to submit a proposal below. A promising proposal includes quite a bit of material, which we must review before beginning the publishing process. If you would like to find out more about working with CIP before submitting a proposal, please contact us.

Contact our publishing department at or 352-363-6504. We look forward to hearing from you.

Health Science Author
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Submitting a Proposal

We invite you to submit a proposal by clicking the link below. The proposal should follow the ‘Guidelines for Proposal’ on this page.

In addition to the proposal, please submit a sample syllabus, course flow plan and script. A sample syllabus should include a course description and course objectives. Objectives should be Quality Matters compliant and use Bloom’s taxonomy.

A sample course flow plan should include a basic outline of your course with chapter topics. A sample script should be about 600 words. It needs to be in a Word document. You will also submit your CV. Please make sure it is the most current version and includes any pertinent professional accomplishments.

Guidelines for Proposal

It is recommended that your proposal answer the following questions:

 Do you already have content developed? If so, how much?
 What is the level (101, 201, graduate) of your course?
 How many credit hours is your course?
 Will you use any supplemental materials in your course?
 Do you feel there is a market for your project other than the domestic college market? If so, please explain.
 What will make your course unique and beneficial to students?
 Do you plan to use a specific teaching strategy or pedagogical framework? If so, how will you implement this?
 In what timeframe can you envision the course being completed?
 Can you effectively communicate via email and phone?
 Can you meet deadlines?

Health Science Publishers