July 1, 2024

Canvas is a widely adopted Learning Management System (LMS) utilized by many colleges across the United States. It serves as a comprehensive platform for posting course materials and assignments and facilitating interaction between teachers and students through discussion boards, messaging, and more, taking both the physical classroom setting and online learning to a new level.

Caduceus, which offers our various health science courses online, can be integrated with Canvas (and other LMS tools) so that students and educators can leverage familiar tools without learning a whole new interface.

In this guide, we will explore the advantages of integrating Caduceus with Canvas, explain the integration process, and provide tips for a smooth transition for your staff.

Why Integrate Caduceus With Canvas?

Integrating Caduceus into Canvas addresses the challenge of managing multiple LMS platforms, which can be cumbersome for both educators and students. By bringing Caduceus’ courses directly into Canvas, we streamline the learning process, eliminating the need for users to acquaint themselves with an entirely new system before starting their courses.

How Does Caduceus Get Integrated with Canvas?

Integration is seamless with Caduceus, as we support LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) and Common Cartridge standards, ensuring our courses can be easily uploaded to Canvas or any other LMS. This simplifies the process of incorporating our health education content into your existing coursework structure. All you have to do is contact our marketing team at to benefit your future health cohorts with lifetime services. They can help integrate your existing account or get your new account up and running and connected.

Tips for a Smooth Integration Process

Our teams work with your university’s LMS administrators to set up the integration and, in some cases, work directly with the instructors to complete the installation. Here are a few ways we can help you streamline the integration process:

To start, be sure to get in touch in advance of launch to ensure the integration can be completed and launched according to the rules of your institution.

Next, we’re able to deliver a package the same day. Or, we can work with an educator or team in advance of the course launch, to customize the course and gradebook settings in the course package, along with the look, feel, flow, and organization of the materials.

Finally, we offer training sessions or videos for new instructors to explain the integration and how the custom settings work with the Caduceus system for seamless operation

Our Concierge-Level Support Team

Experiencing issues with Canvas? Caduceus has got you covered with personalized, concierge-style support. Say goodbye to generic responses and endless FAQ pages. Our dedicated professionals are here to provide one-on-one assistance, adapting their schedules to meet your needs without relying on automated systems. Every inquiry, whether by phone or email, is addressed personally by a member of our support team.

How Educators and Students Gain Access to Caduceus Materials in Canvas

If students see that a Caduceus course is offered by their college on Canvas, they can also easily read about the course, register, and begin the course. Here’s how:

Step 1: Sync Your Canvas Login Details

To start, your Canvas credentials (first name, last name, and email) are passed over to us at Caduceus, which are used to create an account and subscription automatically. This happens via secured authentication in the form of a Key and Secret.

Step 2: Select Lifetime Subscription

For synchronous courses, both educators and students will get a lifetime subscription regardless of whether or not their health cohort is synchronous or asynchronous.

Step 3: Pay for the Course

Next, choose your payment method. (Credit Card or Code)

Students who are receiving financial aid are also able to sign up for “Pay Later” access (also known as deferment) and begin their course immediately while waiting for all the paperwork to process.

Step 4: Get Started!

Once the purchase process is complete, if the course is asynchronous, you can begin it at any time. (Though, educators have the option of customizing our courses to be synchronous or hybrid.).

Enter the course and select the ‘Orientation’ lecture to begin your course. Also, refer to your syllabus for assignment deadlines and/or suggested course flow plan.

And, a note on support note: When an instructor signs up to offer one of our programs, we commit to being students’ first line of contact throughout the course. Any time they have a problem, they can call us.

Integrate Caduceus with Canvas Today

Caduceus’ custom integration with Canvas marks a significant advancement in online health education. By offering a seamless, secure, and interactive educational experience, this partnership not only enhances learning for students but also empowers instructors to create more engaging and informative courses. As we continue to integrate our services with leading LMS solutions like Canvas, our goal is to expand access to our courses, benefiting more students and educators.

If you’re considering integrating Caduceus into your institution’s LMS, we’re here to make the process as smooth as possible. Together, we can open up new opportunities for students and enhance the quality of health education offered.

For more information or to get started, contact us today.

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