The Value of a Medical Terminology Certificate

December 16, 2021

If you’re looking to begin or accelerate your healthcare-related career, a medical terminology certificate is a great place to start. 

What Is a Medical Terminology Certificate?

A medical terminology certificate provides verification that you’re familiar with the anatomical and physiological terms frequently used within the healthcare community. It requires that you dip your toes into topics like pathology, disease, patient care, medical equipment, and psychology. Medical terminology certificates can be used as a preparation for a job or for college admissions.

How Long Does It Take To Earn a Medical Terminology Certificate?

The length of time required to earn a medical terminology certificate depends on your program of choice. However, many programs are available online — which allow you to learn at your own pace. Penn Foster’s program, for example, allows you to earn a certificate in as few as three months.

How Can It Help with Job Searches and Promotions?

Understanding medical terminology can open the door to many opportunities. Whether you’re looking to earn an advanced degree or want to transition into a healthcare career as soon as possible, learning medical terminology is a great first step.‌ The value of a medical terminology certificate comes through in several ways.

Get Your Foot in the Door

A medical terminology certificate can help you get your foot in the door for entry-level positions at hospitals and clinics. Employers will be glad to see your genuine interest in the medical field and know that you won’t be intimidated by medical jargon.

Show Initiative

Having a solid grasp of medical terminology will help you avoid confusion in your day-to-day work. If you earn a medical terminology certificate while you’re already working in a healthcare-related role, it can show that you care about your position and want to learn more — potentially making you a great candidate for raises and promotions.

Transition to Work in a Medical Setting

If you’re interested in roles similar to those you’ve held before, but in a healthcare setting, a medical terminology certificate can help you make the transition. For instance, if you have experience completing administrative tasks but haven’t worked in a medical setting yet, a medical terminology certificate can reassure an employer that you won’t be confused by the medical jargon or require extensive additional training.

Prepare for Future Coursework

If you’re interested in pursuing further coursework related to healthcare careers, understanding medical terminology is essential. Learning medical terms before starting other classes can save you hours that would have otherwise been spent looking up words in order to understand the course material.


A medical terminology certificate could be the start of a rewarding career in the medical field. Understanding medical terminology can help you in just about every course or job related to healthcare.

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