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Discover the unique language of medicine.

The Medical Terminology online course, created by Caduceus International Publishing, introduces students to the language of science and medicine by covering topics in anatomy, physiology, pathology, diseases, disorders, conditions, medical equipment, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

A&P Evolved for Modern Students & Teachers.

This course is designed to provide students with the anatomy and physiology foundation they need to pursue degrees in medicine, athletic training, nursing and more. It’s the A&P core curriculum reimagined by experts in education, designed to promote student success and reduce attrition.

Introduction to Human Disease

A functional foundation for disease.

This course is designed to provide the structural and functional characteristics of common and important diseases, as well as the principles of diagnosis and treatment. By understanding the anatomic and physiologic change of each disease, students understand the clinical methods of diagnosis, the manifestations of disease, and the appropriate method of treatment.

A nutritional foundation for physical activity.

This course examines the evidence-based nutritional needs and use of fuels for various types of physical activity, from review of body composition, energy balance, and roles of specific nutrients, to evaluation of nutritional claims and performance enhancing products. Students develop a knowledge of sports nutrition that can be applied to their own lives.

Guidance for all aspects of a healthy life.

This course is designed to assist students in identifying essential behaviors for optimal well-being. Students are presented with evidence-based strategies for improving and maintaining good health. In this course, health is approached from a holistic perspective.

Nutrition education with a consumer approach.

The Human Nutrition online course, created by Caduceus International Publishing, is a comprehensive introduction to human nutrition created by Dr. Delores James, a registered dietitian nutritionist and health educator with an extensive background in public health and private practice. Students are introduced to current nutritional standards with a personalized approach. Topics range from scientific studies to weight management.