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Our heritage

We understand the needs of educators. We were founded by educators and we’ve spent the last thirteen years customizing a solution to meet their needs.

During that time, we’ve worked directly with our customers to create an offering that is comprehensive enough to give teachers the tools they need, yet unobstrusive enough to not get in the way.

Our latest version is the culmination of that effort. A new, fresh and modern user interface makes it easy for students to complete their coursework with minimal distraction. The Teacher’s Dashboard is built for educators and gives teachers and their assistants a comprehensive yet flexible experience for monitoring and engaging with students.


On-call analytic reports to let you know how students are performing. Track completions, grades and progress live or receive regular updates.

LTI support

All courses compatible with LTI learning management systems, including Blackboard, D2L and Moodle. Experience online learning, hassle-free.


We know exam integrity is essential and can be a challenge with online courses. That’s why the we offer the Caduceus Proctoring service.

health science curriculum for educators

Caduceus Health and Medical Terminology course scores in 95th percentile and is recognized as Quality Matters approved online content.

Our medical terminology course earned the Quality Matters (QM) seal of approval. QM is the leader in quality assurance protocol for online education, and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach to continuous improvement in online education and student learning.

The program features faculty-centered, continuous improvement models for assuring the quality of online courses through peer review and rubrics for applying quality standards to course design.


What our teachers say

Dr. Chip Darracott Associate Professor, Augusta University

Most every student reports having learned a lot in the medical terminology course and consider it a valuable experience. The enrollment continues to grow with each semester!

Dr. James Van Elswyk Instructor and MD, University of South Florida

The content of the course provides the student with a wide base of information useful for any health related courses and also is an excellent preparation for vocabulary standardized testing such as GRE and MCATS.

Lillian Folk Interim Assistant Dean, College of Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Actually, everything is going so smoothly and painlessly that I keep getting this anxious feeling that I’m missing something! Your customer support is amazing.

Melisa Johnson Assistant Dean, Business and Computer Technology, Northeastern Technical College

I have been using Caduceus publishing for my online Medical Terminology class for over 3 years. I have been extremely satisfied with the content, service, and technical support. Not only have I been pleased, my students have been as well.

Kim O’Connell-Brock Athletic Trainer and Instructor, New Mexico State University

The Caduceus Medical Terminology E-text has been an excellent resource for our students, not only within the sports medicine and athletic training program, but also for nursing, nutrition, kinesiology, and pre-pharmacy students studying for the PCAT.

Dr. Kristen Waterstram-Rich Professor and Director, College of Health Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology

The students appreciate the visual offerings that facilitate the learning experience. Through the years, the tech support for both students and instructor has been prompt, reliable and top notch.

What our students say

Students’ perception of the quality of their education is of vital importance.

We at Caduceus always strive to ensure utmost satisfaction with the learning experiences we facilitate. When we surveyed our Medical Terminology students, these are the results we found:

96% of students agreed that as a result of this course they were able to divide and analyze key compound medical terms.

96% of students agreed that as a result of this course they are able to understand medical word parts and meanings.

95% of students who responded to the survey would recommend this course to other students.