Accredited Medical Terminology Online Course

Discover the unique language of medicine.

The Medical Terminology online course, created by Caduceus International Publishing, introduces students to the language of science and medicine by covering topics in anatomy, physiology, pathology, diseases, disorders, conditions, medical equipment, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

The 4,000 medical pictures and repeatable HTML5 streaming lectures make the language come alive. Accessible on all desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The verbal skills acquired help students preparing for professional school admissions tests. Give your students the knowledge and increased verbal capacity they will need to succeed in today's growing healthcare fields.

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Thirty hours of web-based audio-visual content introduce students to essential principles of medical terminology while covering diseases, disorders and conditions that they will encounter in future medical professions. The language skills derived from this interactive medical terminology course are essential to success in competitive medical programs and careers.
Thousands of diagrams, illustrations and real medical photos provide a vivid and detailed understanding of the subject matter.
More than 1,500 medical terminology flashcards help students learn word part and abbreviation meanings. These flashcards accompanied by full-color medical images may be reviewed an unlimited amount of times.

Course Content

This course introduces students to medical terminology though real-world medical examples organized by body systems. Course activities reinforce comprehension of word structure and meanings. Students are able to learn at their own pace, while instructors can monitor progress with real-time tracking tools. Chapter topics include:

  • Diagnosis
  • Medical Equipment
  • Integrated Medicine
  • Pathology
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • And more...

Multi-media lectures

High-quality medical and scientific images illustrate concepts as lectures written by Dr. Siegfred Fagerberg and professionally voiced guide students through the lesson.

Interactive flashcards

Students can review medical terms and word parts using banks of hundreds of illustrated and flippable cards. All medical terminology flashcards are printable and mobile-compatible for on-the-go learning.


Chapter and cumulative reviews help students test comprehension and retention in preparation for exams and real-world applications.

Timed exams

Configurable and flexible timed exams make testing a trouble-free process for instructors and students. To help ensure exam integrity, we offer the Caduceus Proctoring service.

Caduceus International Publishing provides top-quality interactive health science curriculum to colleges, universities and institutions wherever they are needed.

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