Verify identity. Ensure integrity.

We know that the value and merit of online learning, in large part, depend on the integrity of the process. That’s why we take exam-taking very seriously. As such, we have integrated an online proctoring solution from the industry leader, ProctorU.

By integrating the proctoring solution directly with our learning management system, we can provide an experience that is more reliable and seamless than otherwise possible.

More than just technology, Caduceus Proctoring is a managed service. We realize that it can be quite time consuming for faculty to support students as they schedule and conduct proctor sessions and to review and respond to ‘incident reports’ that result from the proctor sessions. With Caduceus Proctoring, we manage the entire process for you, allowing you to spend more time teaching.

Fully Integrated

Our goal is to make the user experience for students as streamlined as possible. They can easily schedule and initiate proctor sessions right from their coursework and complete their exams, all in one place, with minimal interruption.

Flexible Delivery Options
Concierge Level Support

We Manage Everything!

We review and respond to “incident reports” from proctor sessions, involving faculty only when necessary. We support students – and faculty – during the entire process. In short, we take the burden off of faculty so they can focus on teaching.

Billing Made Easy

There is no need to setup additional vendor relationships, or get approval thru central administration. We take care of all billing and payment collection for the proctoring service; the cost is included in students’ enrollment fees.

Understanding Digital Curriculum
Online Proctoring Service

We provide two proctoring options from industry leader, ProctorU.

ProctorU Live. A live proctor remains connected with your student throughout their entire exam for authentication, room pan, computer security check, and monitoring of eye and head movement. Authentication combines a photo ID, facial recognition, public record challenge questions and can include biometrics. Incident reports are returned within 24 hours or less.

ProctorU Live Launch. Students connect with a live proctor for authentication, room/computer security, and exam entry. The remainder of the assessment is recorded, reviewed by ProctorU’s team of proctors, and incident reports are returned within 24 hours or less. Service is backed with live support from ProctorU’s technical support staff.