Survey of Human Disease & Pathophysiology online course, a functional foundation for studying disease.


This comprehensive online course provides in-depth knowledge about common and significant diseases, including their structural and functional characteristics. Students will learn about diagnosis and treatment principles, as well as the anatomical and physiological changes associated with each disease. This will help students better understand clinical diagnosis methods, disease symptoms, and the most appropriate treatments.

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Course Highlights

Detailed and Engaging Content

We offer online audio-visual content that teaches students about the pathophysiological features of major diseases, how to diagnose them, and their treatments.

Easily Accessible

Our platform is easily accessible on desktops and laptops, allowing students to learn flexibly and at their own pace.

Supplemental Learning Materials Included

In order to reinforce the concepts that are presented in the lectures, each chapter is accompanied by supplementary resources.

Comprehensive chapter topics such as:

About the Course Designer:

About the Course Designer:

Our course is designed by Dr. James Van Elswyk, a former partner in a six-person medical group for obstetrics and gynecology practice in northern New Jersey. After 20 years of medical practice, he retired to Florida to pursue his passion for teaching. He is the primary instructor for the Survey of Human Disease course at the University of South Florida.

Meet the Course Author

Meet the Course Author

Before joining the University of South FL full time, Dr. James Van Elswyk was a partner in a six-person medical group for the practice of obstetrics and gynecology in northern New Jersey. After 20 years, he retired to Florida and began to practice his passion for teaching as the primary instructor of the course Survey of Human Disease at USF.

Interactive Course Content

Students can review medical terms with our digital flashcard banks and further engage with our interactive 3D models/activities as part of our SHD course.

Assessment Features

Chapter-wise and cumulative reviews are designed to help students test their comprehension and retention in preparation for exams and practical applications. The self-testing environment ensures mastery of the content by continuously reintroducing unanswered questions until they're answered correctly.

Multi-Media Lectures

Our course features high-quality medical and scientific images illustrating concepts alongside lectures crafted by Dr. James Van Elswyk. These professionally voiced lectures guide students through the lessons and help them grasp key concepts effectively.

Online Exams

We provide configurable and flexible timed exams, facilitating a hassle-free testing process for both instructors and students.

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