We ask students and faculty to give their best to achieve the highest academic standards possible. We aim to do the same. Providing top-quality content is our primary commitment at all times.


We Aim to Encourage Academic Achievement

We provide easy-to-use, quality materials.

To make things simple for students and educators alike, we are committed to delivering top-quality content that is immersive, comprehensive, accurate, engaging, and above all, effective.


We Provide Dynamic Materials to Improve Engagement

Different learners benefit from different materials, so we cover all the bases.

The differences between visual, aural, verbal, and physical learners are stark. Any given class has its own mix of learners, and they all deserve a top-quality education. Our curriculum includes immersive 3D interactive models, multimedia lectures, interactive flashcards, dynamic quizzes, and more. 


Our Modular Curriculum Is Flexible

Every class is different, our courses can be tailored to your needs.

Our curriculum is modularized and flexible, which enables you to select and organize course content in a way that helps you accomplish your teaching goals. We make it easy to select the materials that fit the needs of your institution and your students.


Our Commitment to Quality Is Unmatched

We know quality matters, so everything we do is QM certified!

Our curriculum is Quality Matters certified so you can rest assured that it has passed inspection by objective 3rd party experts. Our commitment to quality is at the core of everything we do here at CIP. Students have a right to quality education, and our courses provide just that.

Integrity matters! That’s why we have an online proctoring solution integrated directly into our curriculum.

  • Innovative Technology
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Incident Reporting
  • First-Level Support
  • Secure Academic Integrity

Looking for a health science curriculum that doesn’t take a long time to adapt, configure, and launch?

  • Quality IT Support
  • Easy Configuration & Set-Up
  • Your LMS or Ours
  • Customization Options
  • Quick-Course Launch

Concierge-level course support means we’re there for our teachers and their students.

  • First-Line Support
  • Concierge Means Personal
  • Designed for Higher ED
  • Focus on Teaching
  • Student Phone Support

We know online teaching and learning Can be Difficult… That’s why we provide easy-to-use, quality materials.

  • Dynamic Materials
  • Improved Engagement
  • Custom Modular Curriculum
  • Quality Matters Certified
  • Differentiated Learning Tools

Let us help you!

We understand the needs of educators. We were founded by educators and we’ve spent nearly two decades customizing a solution to meet their needs.