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Medical Terminology

A comprehensive, self-paced auto tutorial format that maximizes comprehension, long term retention, improves language skills and communication between professionals.

September 3 at 2:00pm EST

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Personal & Community Health

Identify essential behaviors for optimal well-being, including a health-enhancing lifestyle. Topics include physical, emotional & mental health, diseases & disorders, human sexuality, alcohol & drug use and more.

September 5 at 2:00pm EST

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Human Nutrition

Study the integration of nutrition, biochemistry and human physiology. Emphasis is placed on research design in classic studies with respect to optimal health.

September 4 at 2:00pm EST

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Survey of Human Disease

By understanding the anatomic and physiologic change of each disease, students understand the clinical methods of diagnosis, the manifestations of disease, and the appropriate method of treatment.

September 10 at 2:00pm EST

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Sports Nutrition

Examine evidence-based nutritional needs and use of fuels for various types of physical activity, from review of body composition, energy balance and roles of specific nutrients, to evaluation of nutritional claims and performance enhancing products.

September 11 at 2:00pm EST

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Anatomy & Physiology I and II

This two-part course is designed to introduce students to the structural and functional characteristics of the human body. Course content includes the study of the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, excretory, respiratory, endocrine, reproductive, nervous, skeletal, muscular, and integumentary systems.

September 12 at 2:00pm EST

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